Title of the AMD-READ project

Assessment and optimisation of macular function with special regard to reading and motor control

Despite new treatment options for exudative AMD, many patients have persistent visual deficits. For the majority of the AMD patients, those with dry AMD (approximately 80%), no treatment is available at present. Therefore, rehabilitation is important and the growing number of AMD-patients requires an enhanced effort. Patients with AMD lose their reading ability. Therefore, restoration of reading ability is the main goal of rehabilitation programs. Specific examinations to assess functions which are relevant for every day skills are necessary as a basis for targeted rehabilitation programs. Assessment of visual acuity is not sufficient, more significant is the parafoveal function, specially in regard to reading ability. A low vision test battery was developed during the AMD-Read project, such as standardized reading texts in different languages, the International Reading Speed Texts, IReST (see link).
Simulation of AMD

The fixated detail, here the tower clock, is covered by the central scotoma.
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