Methods and Set-up

The Macular Mapping Test
A wagon wheel like pattern of eight grey spokes pointing towards but not reaching the center is presented as a background image on a computer monitor. This `wagon-wheel` configuration of the fixation stimulus is designed to help patients with unstable or eccentric fixation to fixate in the optical axis. The image is calibrated to span exactly 18 diameter of the visual field. At 33 locations, centrally and on concentric rings of 2, 4, 6, and 8 eccentricity, single letter stimuli are presented. The presentation duration is 250 ms to minimize saccadic eye movements towards the stimulus.
The Macular Mapping Results Topographical map: According to the answer entry a topographical map is calculated indicating at which location a letter was not detected (black symbol) detected but not recognized (grey symbol) or had been correctly identified (white symbol).

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